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Linda Zale portrait

Photography: Marie-Catherine


Los Angeles based interior designer Linda Zale understands and contributes to all aspects of the architectural, space planning, interior design and construction process.  She implements her creative design ideas by establishing a close working relationship with clients and architects in the initial stages of each new project.

“The challenges clients face when building a new or renovating an existing space can be overwhelming.  My intention is to be a creative participant in the collaborative process so that my clients’ design experience is rewarding and successful.  I guide and assist them in this great creative endeavor so they feel confident in their own decision-making.  I am their advocate and resource for ensuring their needs are met and the project is a full realization of our collective vision and goals.”

Linda develops and implements a cohesive and authentic interior architectural style by bringing an artist’s sensibility and perspective to her work.  She establishes a highly detailed design scheme through the use of refined color and texture, lighting, building materials and furnishings.  While incorporating a building’s historical attributes, Linda also finds beauty in bringing nature and the outdoors inside.  She strives to achieve her clients’ desire for well-planned, comfortable and graciously designed living spaces in which to work, entertain, relax and enjoy family.

Linda Zale began her career while attending UCLA’s distinguished College of Fine Arts.  After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in Design, she continued her work as a Project Designer at a prestigious commercial design firm in Westwood, CA, until 1986 when she opened her own firm, Zale Design Studio.  Linda brings her education, breadth of experience and passion for design to interiors and exteriors of both residential and corporate projects.